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Montana is nicknamed the Treasure State, and its wealth is found not only in minerals, but in its scenery, history and people, who welcome friends and visitors alike to the Big Sky Country. Miles City is no exception to the rule in Montana. Residents of the Friendliest Town in the West, as it's known throughout the state, are pleased to share their proud Past and Progressive Future with all who travel to this city in southeastern Montana.

The area is rich in history, and much of the history of Miles City and the surrounding area is preserved in the Range Riders Museum, a complex of several buildings located just west of the city. The pride Miles City residents have in their history also is evidenced through the listing of several private residences, businesses, and three districts on the National Register of Historic Places.

For those who wish to kick back and enjoy a taste of the Old West, Miles City holds its annual World Famous Bucking Horse Sale. This event is held the third weekend in May and is a celebration of the horse and cowboy. Rodeo stock contractors from around North America attend the event to purchase the horses, which are sold at auction. In addition to rodeo events, there is a parade, trade show, gun and coin show, art exhibits, barbecues, dances, and many other activities centered around the sale.

The area has fishing sites and there is hunting during the appropriate seasons. For those who hunt with cameras instead of guns and arrows, there is plenty of wildlife and spectacular scenery in and around the city.

With the rivers, lakes, parks, and wide expanses of land and sky, visitors to Miles City and southeastern Montana can truly say that this is God's Country.

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Miles City is located just off Interstate 94, which passes through the state from east to west. Also passing through the city from north to south is Montana Highway 59. US Highway 12 intersects with Miles City from the east and runs into the interstate just east of the city.

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