Medicine Point Lookout Tower - Sula

Medicine Point Lookout is a historic L4 lookout located on Medicine Point, west of the Bitterroot Valley. The lookout is one room with a bed platform suitable for two people. The lookout can accommodate up to four. The lookout measures 14x14 feet with a 30-inch catwalk around the outside. There is a propane fireplace for heat. Propane is provided for the heating stove. A two burner propane camp stove is provided, but you will have to provide your own propane canisters. Utensils for cooking and eating are provided. Water is not. A Coleman lantern is provided, propane to operate it is not. An outdoor toilet serves the lookout, bring your own toilet paper. There are hitching rails for stock.

Call the Sula Ranger Station at (406)821-3201 for the current combination for the lock on the door, a week in advance of your arrival. Call the Sula Ranger District for current road and trail conditions, especially in the spring and fall seasons (June, August and September) as weather at this location can be very unpredictable.

The elevation at the lookout is 8,409 feet. You must hike approximately 4 miles to access this lookout and it is difficult.

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Phone: 406-821-3913
Fax: 406-821-4264

Starting from Missoula Montana, go south on Highway 93 to Laird Creek Road #370, which is approximately 34 miles south of Hamilton. Turn right onto Laird Cr. Rd. and travel approximately 4 miles to Bear Creek Saddle. At Bear Creek Saddle, turn north onto Road # 5731 for approximately 2 miles to the trailhead. There is a 'Lookout Symbol' sign at Bear Creek Saddle. Hike to the lookout for approximately 4 miles. The trail is rated difficult as it is quite steep in some portions. You may utilize stock if you prefer.

7/1 - 9/7

Check-in: 2:00pm
Check-out: 12:00pm

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Pets Allowed, Toilets

Hiking, History