West Fork Quartz Creek Trail - Libby

West Fork Quartz Creek Trail follows along the creek bottom for the first 0.3 mile, crosses West Fork Quartz Creek and parallels the creek on the northeast bank for the next 1.5 miles, then climbs steeply until the south shoulder of Huson Peak is reached. The grade moderates and then flattens where the junction of Quartz Mountain Trail and the main Skyline Trail system is located. It then continues northeast for 0.5 mile to the C Spur of Road 4645, turns southeast 1 mile to the summit of Quartz Mountain, or heads northwest onto the Skyline Trail system. The meadows on the top third of the trail offer excellent views of the Quartz Creek drainage. The trail begins at an elevation of 3,000 feet. Length: 5 miles. Light use, moderate difficulty.Area Map: Kootenai National Forest Visitors Map USGS Map: Turner Mountain


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From Libby, turn on Highway 37. Take the first left onto River Road and drive 4 miles, turning right onto Quartz Creek road 600. Follow for 5 miles and turn left onto West Fork Quartz Creek Bridge, about 1.5 miles. Turn right after crossing the bridge, and follow the road .5 mile to the first switchback. The trailhead is marked on the right side of the road with a sign Skyline Trail.'

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