Mountain View Orchards - Corvallis

We at Mountain View Orchards strive to provide the very best in quality of apples and cider available in Western Montana. Our policy is 'as natural as possible' while maintaining a superior quality of fruit for our customers. We practice integrated pest management (IPM) of all of our orchards utilizing bug traps and routine inspections to guard against upcoming threats instead of a blind regiment of herbicides and pesticides.

Over the years our orchards have followed current needs of our consumers. Many varieties once grown for their culinary properties have been replaced by multi-purpose and eating quality varieties. Our varieties have been chosen to meet our growing conditions for western Montana meaning some later winter varieties cannot be grown. Over the next few years however, we will be introducing some exciting new varieties that have outstanding qualities that we feel our customers are looking for.

Every apple we harvest is washed, polished and graded to US apple grade specifications meaning we deliver only the highest quality products to our consumers. Our graded apples come in four different grades: extra fancy, fancy, cooking grade, school boys and cider grade.

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Street Address
1752 Mountain View Orchard Road
Corvallis,  MT 59828

Phone: 406-961-3434

Mountain View Orchards is located 5 miles northeast of Corvallis Montana. 2 miles north on Eastside Highway to Popham Lane. Turn right and go 2 and 1/2 miles east to Mountain View Orchards Road. Go one mile (plus) on Mountain View Orchards to 1752 and turn right.


7 days per week
9:00am - 5:00pm

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