Sqaylth - Kwum Creek Trail - Plains

Sqaylth - Kwum Creek Trail (520) connects with trail 1512 near Cube Iron Mountain. Non-motorized use only.

Length: 9.3 miles

Trail Begins: Weber Gulch Trailhead

Trail Ends: Thorne Creek Trail (1512)

Area Map: Lolo Forest Visitors Map

USGS Map1: Mount Headley

Township 22N; Range 29W; Section 19


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Phone: 406-826-3821
Fax: 406-826-4358

From the Forest Service office in Thompson Falls follow the county road north to the Weber Gulch trailhead. After leaving the trailhead take Trail 520 to the right of the trail junction which connects to several other trails in the Cube Iron/Silcox area. Trail is a popular hunter access route, but receives light use during the rest of the year.

Open all year, weather permitting.

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