Stoney Indian Trail - Glacier National Park

Stoney Indian Trail is a moderately difficult trail that allows for spectacular alpine views, beautiful waterfalls and scenic natural mountain gardens. This high mountain pass is exposed to wind and sudden weather changes. It is a travel corridor between the Waterton and Belly River Valleys and was named after the Stoney Indians who used the trail to reach hunting and fishing in the Belly River Valley. The Stoney Indian trail follows the Cosley lakeshore to the Cosley Lake Campsite. No open fires are allowed in this area. The Stoney Indian trail continues along the shore of Cosley and passes through an alluvial fan for Glenns Lake. At Glenns Lake there is a backcountry campsite with grates for open fires. The trail then steeply climbs out of the lake valley and into dense forest for about 4km to a small hikers campsite on upper Glenns Lake. There is a short side trip along Mokowanis Trail to Mokowanis Lake of about 1.3 miles, that branches south of the main trail. The main trail proceeds to the right at the Mokowanis junction. A large campsite is available at the junction. The Stoney Indian trail now climbs steeply as the hiker emerges from alpine surroundings to Stoney Indian Pass. Beautiful waterfalls, hanging glaciers, wildflowers, grizzly and mountain goat habitat are visible as the hiker climbs to the summit. This is followed by a quick and steep descent to Stoney Indian Lake. A hikers campsite is located on the northwest shore of the lake. No open fires allowed at this campsite. The trail descends 3.2km to the junction with Waterton Valley trail. During the descent the sawtooth crest of the Porcupine Ridge is clearly visible. From the junction with Waterton Valley trail it is 7.8km north to Goat Haunt and 9km south to the Fifty Mountain campsite.

Length: 13.3 miles

Trail Begins: Ptarmigan Trail, Cosley Lake Junction

Trail Ends: Waterton Valley Trail

USGS Map1: Park Map

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The Stoney Indian Trail is located off the Cosley Lake Junction and is the travel corridor between the Waterton and Belly River valleys, ending at the Waterton Valley junction.

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