Sex Peak Lookout - Trout Creek

Four person capacity; rental fee is $35.00 per night. This lookout offers an excellent view of the Clark Fork Valley and surrounding area. It is equipped with two single beds and mattresses, chairs, bench, wood heating stove, bucket and cleaning gear. Due to vandalism, however, these items are not guaranteed. The lookout has an outdoor toilet, but it is not wired for electricity. We recommend taking your own water as all open water is considered contaminated. Firewood is provided.

During the summer, drive directly to the cabin. For more information including lock combination to the lookout contact the National Recreation Reservation Service at 1-877-444-6777 or book on-line at

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Phone: 406-827-3533
Fax: 406-827-0718

Sex Peak Lookout is located 8 miles south of Trout Creek, Montana.

From the Cabinet Ranger Station, travel approximately 11 miles southeast on Highway 200 and turn right onto Big Beaver Creek Road 152. Drive south 2 miles and take a right at the T junction. Follow this road for approximately 9 miles, then turn right onto Road 2222 and follow this road approximately 8.5 miles to the lookout.

7/1 - 10/15

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