The Lolo Trail at Howard Creek and Lee Creek - Missoula

More than a simple path, the Lolo Trail is a network of trails that formed a vital travel corridor across the northern Rocky Mountains for early inhabitants. Unlike modern routes, the Lolo Trail was not built. Repeated footsteps of American Indian travelers created the trail. Its exact location was passed from generation to generation, through oral and traditional practices still used today. This is a National Historic Trail used by the Nez Perce traveling east to traditional hunting and gathering grounds. Lewis and Clark also used this trail on their expedition to the west.

We invite you to explore two sections of the original trail, one at Howard Creek and the other at the Lee Creek campground. Imagine you're one of the first travelers on the original 'superhighway' across the remote and rugged Bitterroot Mountains.

Howard Creek is 18.5 miles west of Lolo on Highway 12. At Howard Creek, there is a 0.4 mile loop that includes part of the original trail. The loop is short, but parts are steep and rocky. Be sure to wear appropriate footgear and be extra careful if it's wet or icy.

Lee Creek is 26.5 miles west of Lolo on Highway 12. At Lee Creek campground, there is a longer section of the trail (Wagon Mountain Trail #300) that you can follow for 5 miles to the Idaho state line.

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The Lolo Trail at Howard Creek and Lee Creek is easy to find. From Missoula, travel 9 miles on US Highway 93 south to Lolo. At Lolo, turn west on US Highway 12. From the junction, Howard Creek is 18.5 miles and Lee Creek is 26.5 miles.

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