Lion Creek Trail 28 - Wise River

Length: 4.2 miles

Use: Moderate use

Difficulty: Low Difficulty the first 2.5 miles and High Difficulty last 2 miles.

Trail Begins: Trail 92

Trail Ends: Grayling Lake

Lion Creek Trail (28) provides a beautiful walk as it begins low in the Lion Creek Canyon and makes its' way up toward clear mountain lakes in a high alpine basin. Beginning at the junction with Trail 92, the trail follows a low, gentle path through small, lush, meadow and whitebark pine, Lodgepole, and sub-alpine fir forest. It climbs slowly at first following Lion Creek along a bench on the east side of the creek. There are a few wet areas along this section of the trail. Many stunning views of these dry, rocky peaks and high ridgeline open up as the trail passes through open forest. After three miles, the trail then crosses over before leveling out again the last .5 mile as it approaches Grayling Lake. The trail borders Grayling Lake and then climbs .5 to Lion Lake. Both lakes are clear blue mountain lakes nestled beneath a craggy line of granite peaks. If one watches attentively (with the help of field glasses) it is possible to see mountain goats on the ridgeline. Mountain goats are shy animals and one must look closely. Closed to motorized use. Moderately use trail by hikers and horseback riders.

Area Map: Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest Visitors Map

USGS Map1: Vipond Park Southwest

USGS Map2: Mount Tahepia

Township 2S; Range 11W; Section 34

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The trail leaves the Crescent Lake Trail 92, 1 mile west of the Canyon Creek Guest Ranch.

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Hiking, Horseback Riding, Lake Fishing, Stream Fishing