Judith River Wildlife Management Area - Utica

Judith River Wildlife Management Area encompasses 9,408 acres. Management goal: To provide high-quality and abundant vegetation for wintering elk and other wildlife species, to keep elk numbers in balance with available forage, and to provide public recreational opportunities

Wildlife viewing: Winter presents the best opportunities for viewing elk and deer; however, the Wildlife Management Area is closed to recreational activity between December 1 and May 15. Big game animals may be viewed from the county road throughout the year depending on weather conditions (the county does not maintain the road through the Wildlife Management Area during the winter months, and snow accumulations often preclude travel). White-tailed deer and antelope can be seen in spring, summer and fall as can a variety of raptors, small mammals, and songbirds.

Hunting opportunities: Archery and rifle hunting seasons for elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, antelope and black bear are open to licensed hunters. Rifle hunting for elk is by special permit only; there is no general-license elk hunting except during the archery season. Limited opportunities exist for upland game bird hunting.


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Phone: 406-454-5840

In Judith Basin County, approximately 11 miles southwest of Utica at the east end of the Little Belt Mountains.

From US Highway 87 at Windham (7 miles east of Stanford), take paved route 239 south for 11 miles to Utica; from Utica take the main gravel road heading southwest along the north side of the Judith River for nine miles to Sapphire Village; then turn right on the first road just past the village and proceed 1.5 miles west to the Judith River Wildlife Management Area headquarters.

May 15 - November 30

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