Tower Area: Lost Lake Trail - Yellowstone National Park

Distance, round trip: 4 miles

Estimated time: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: moderate

Trailhead: behind Roosevelt Lodge

Offering views of Lost Lake, waterfowl, wet meadows, sagebrush hilltops, wildflowers, possibly beavers and quite often black bears, this trail has a bit of everything. This trail begins behind Roosevelt Lodge and climbs 300 feet onto the bench. Here it joins the Roosevelt Horse Trail and continues west to Lost Lake. From Lost Lake the trail follows the contour around the hillside to the Petrified Tree parking area, crosses the parking lot and continues up the hill. It loops behind Tower Ranger Station, crosses the creek and returns to the lodge.


*If you encounter horses, move to the downhill side of the trail and remain still until they have passed.

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Phone: 307-344-7381

Lost Lake Trail is located in the Tower Area of Yellowstone National Park.

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