Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub - Bozeman

Beer has been a human tradition for ten thousand years. When we engage this tradition with a beginners mind, it opens the gate to boundless possibilities. This is how innovation happens.

Mountains Walking begins with a deep respect for the process of brewing, in which living organisms like yeasts collaborate with our ingredients to create a harmonious and delicious beverage. The result is an endless range of potential flavors and delights.

The joy of brewing comes from watching this process very closely and discovering what each beer naturally wants to be. Brewing traditions from all over the world give us the tools we use. The farmers and the earth give us the ingredients. An open mind gives us the desire to see what might happen next.

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422 N Plum Ave
Bozeman,  MT 59715

Phone: 406-219-3480

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Daily: 11:30am to 8pm

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