Speculator Trail - Big Timber

Speculator Trail (21) begins near Speculator Creek on the west side of Main Boulder Road and travel to Great Falls Creek Trail 18 in Falls Creek drainage. Poor conditions, not routinely maintained, not recommended for pack and saddle stock due to numerous deep bogs. Difficult to follow to follow in spots.Length: 10.0 miles. Wilderness, moderate difficulty, low use.Trail Begins: Road 212Trail Ends: Trail 18Area Map: Gallatin National Forest Visitor Map USGS Map1: Chrome MountainUSGS Map2: West Boulder PlateauTownship 5S; Range 12E; Section 14


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Speculator Trail is located 25 miles south of Big Timber on US Highway 298, then 14 miles south on County Road 212.

Access may be limited in spring, fall and winter due to snow.

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