Mill Creek Cabin - Livingston

Mill Creek cabin is the most accessible cabin on the Livingston Ranger District. You can drive to it all year. It is even plowed to in the winter The cabin site was set aside in 1910 on 32 acres and was built by the Yellowstone Ranger District of the Absaroka National Forest in 1927. The cabin was built as a temporary stopping place for Forest Service officers while traveling. In 1958 it received electricity making it the only cabin on the Livingston District with power.

It is a 20 x 14 foot one bedroom cabin with two bunkbeds or four beds, a woodburning stove, an electric stove and oven, running water to it in the summer, a front and back porch, and an outhouse. The interior of the cabin also includes includes electric lights, a table, and 2 chairs and a bench. The front porch has a picnic table and benches. Like the District Rangers of old, when leaving the site, you leave it clean. That includes packing out garbage, stocking up kindling and firewood, and leaving the area around the cabin better than the way you found it.

The cabin is located off the Mill Creek Road but overlooks the creek. It sits across the creek from the Snowbank Campground. It is also located 1/3 of a mile from the snowmobile parking area, where the county stops plowing the Mill Creek Road in winter.

No bedding is provided. Remember to bring food, drinking water, flashlights, propane fuel canisters for lantern, toilet paper, soap, matches, newspaper to start fire, and other miscelaneous camping gear. Combinations are changed at unscheduled intervals.

It is the cabin renter's responsibility to call the Livingston Ranger District (406)222-1892 for the current combination 7 days prior to reservation date. Combination lock on the back door of cabin.

Check-In time is 2:00pm the day of your reservation. Check-Out time is by 12:00pm the day after your last reserved date.

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Phone: 406-222-1892
Fax: 406-222-2546

The Mill Creek Cabin is located southeast of Livingston in the Paradise Valley. To reach the cabin, drive south from Livingston on Highway 89 for approximately 15 miles. Turn left (east) on the Mill Creek Road #468. From there, it is approximately 12 more miles to the station. The cabin (marked as the Mill Creek Work Center) will be to your right, just before Snowbank Campground. The first 6 miles of Mill Creek Road are paved, with the remainder being gravel. The road is plowed in the winter to the Snowbank snowmobile parking area beyond the cabin. Elevation at the cabin is 5755 ft.

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